A flower girl

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Indeed I am now, I have been dreaming of approaching floristics for a while now, holding my breath in admiration of the amazing somewhat wild blooms created by Ariella Chezar and Amy Merrick, ever since visiting the magic world of Hermien and Alida’s  Flower foyer,  thinking these ladies must be fairies to bring such beauty to this world.

And just imagine now I have got this magic dust on my fingers as well))) all thanks to Nikita Dementiev at First Florist school who shared his secrets and inspiration with us.

I have been feeling so happy discovering the tricks and magic of the flower world, feeling stronger each time that I do belong to it. The school itself is enchanting, all green, filled with books, flowers and vintage decorations.

Apart from what we learned at school there is another thing – I remember once asking Hermien if it was right to hang succulents on the wall to what  she replied: “here we can do whatever we want, it’s our world”) this basically became the floral rule for me – no rules, just creativity and fantasy.

and looots, looots of patience and diligence – what you get in return – the feeling of joy, happiness, beauty – totally worth it

and an endless source for instagram photo inspiration )

these are some of my flower creations which I made while studying

and my home is now always filled with flowers) as I can not just pass by a bunch of lovely blooms)

the lil bunny is contented to find himself surrounded by such cuteness

last weekend it was my first “real” bouquet for a real bride, who wanted a pomander, which I have never done before))) being a bit nervous I read everything available in the web about pomanders and made one of roses, which turned our to be the cutest

so now I am officialy a flower girl) if one needs a bouquet I am there for you)

and for the visual inspiration – check my flower pinboards:

for bouquets of all sorts - http://pinterest.com/Nsenses/bouquet/

for greenies and wild arrangements - http://pinterest.com/Nsenses/green-friends/

and for my beloved succulents - http://pinterest.com/Nsenses/succulents-love/


Photos by Nsenses (http://instagram.com/nsenses)